Synchronize a Merge Pull Subscription (RMO Programming)

This example demonstrates how to synchronize a Merge pull subscription in SQL Server Express using Replication Management Objects (RMO). This sample was built using Visual Studio 2010.

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  • RMO for SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2005 (and SQL 2012)
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    • I have a similar situation as Geoff.  We have a .NET application that works for SQL 2008R2 OR SQL 2005 (by switching the RMO, Replication, ... DLL references from version 10 to 9 and vice versa).  Is there a solution to have one set of DLLs included in the .NET application to support different versions of SQL Server?
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    • We have a solution for Sql 2008 R2 Express, but it does not work with Sql 2012 Express.  The dll seem to not be compatible.  Is there a solution that will work for both?   
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    • I might be out. Is there any RMO programming examples for SQL Server 2012? 
      It seems to me also that MS has not been published any updates for Sync Framework since 2011.  By any chance if you know can SQL Data Sync replace it?
      Many thanks,
    • Hi John,
      I can provide some SQL Server 2012 RMO programming examples if you would like.  What specifically are you needing?