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It is a brief introduction to MVVM Pattern with a simple binding example.
It explains about basic MVVM principles and Part 2 will be uploaded soon with other command operations with Unity and Prism.
Explains about each OOPS Principles (SOLID Principles) in detail.
It has sample demos for each principle in detail i.e.
Single Responsibility Principle, Open Closed Principle, Liskov Substitution Principle, Interface Segregation Principle, Dependency Inversion Principle.
A detailed explanation about Command Pattern with a simple example. Also It explains about Command pattern principles, real time uses and scenarios in .NET environment.
It explains about what is MVC Pattern and what is ASP.NET MVC Framework how it works.
Also explains ASP.NET MVC page life cycle and ASP.NET MVC features version wise.
Samples provided steps wise to help beginners to understand easily and become proficient in ASP.NET MVC
It gives very basic overview about the Prism, Modularity, Unity and MEF Containers.
Briefly explains about Unity Application Blocks, How it works and how is its architecture.
And it provides how to use steps and simple example to understand how we can use Unity.
It also provides advantages and disadvantages of Unity Application Blocks.
Explains and shows how to implement and use Commands in MVVM.
It provides C# Samples for Data Structures, Algorithms with Big O Time Complexity. Mainly focusing on
1 - Stack Operations
2 - Queue Operations
3 - Lined Lists
4 - Trees
5 - Graphs
6 - Sorting Techniques
7 - Searching Techniques
8 - Other Algorithms
9 - String Operations
Sample application contains the demo airline seat reservation page.
Which allows user to select the seat and save his reservation.
Once saved the seat will not be available for the next user.
It explains about WPF Routing Events with an example. Also it elaborates about routing strategies and attached events.
It has 5 Samples (SimpleRoutedEvent, HandlingRoutedEvent, AssociateEventHandler, RoutedEventsStrategy CustomEventHandler)
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Looking for a sample - Inversion of Control with Service Locator Pattern
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Internet Explorer sample

Internet Explorer sample MSFT

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- Microsoft
This example demonstrates the basic usage of Web Workers to run a script in the background and allow the page to continue being responsive to the end user.
Srigopal Chitrapu
It just shows a simple example how to implement observer pattern by using delegates. Please leave your questions, comments, feedback in the forum.