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Download Microsoft Azure code samples and applications. New samples are added frequently in C#, VB.NET, PHP, Node.js, and Java so check back often.You can also download code samples for other products like Windows 8, Windows Phone, Office, SharePoint, Silverlight, or explore the Official Visual Studio 2010 C#, VB.NET, and 101 LINQ samples.

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Windows Azure Product Team

Windows Azure Product Team MSFT

Microsoft Azure Product Team samples are developed and tested by the Microsoft Azure Product Team to ensure that you have a great experience.

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- Microsoft
The Windows Azure HelloWorld sample demonstrates how to create a simple ASP.NET web role that can be deployed to Windows Azure. The Diagnostics module is imported into the sample and is ready to collect the default diagnostic data.
Paolo Salvatori
The Service Bus Explorer allows users to connect to a Service Bus namespace and administer messaging entities in an easy manner. The tool provides advanced features like import/export functionality or the ability to test messaging entities and relay services.
Updated 2/10/2014
Released 10/27/2011
Dave A Gordon

1      Introduction
There are literally hundreds of Web Browsers available, so how come, there does not seem to be one single browser that meets all our needs? Well, I know that is true for me at least. This series of articles will show you how you can have the perfect web
Updated 12/17/2013
Released 11/16/2013
Dave A Gordon
In this series we are going to be looking at TCP IP, Client / Servers and what a massive world of opportunities this knowledge opens up to us, from Chat and Video Conferencing, to Invisible process communication, and even Service Management. But today let’s get the framework done
C#, vb, Win32
Updated 12/17/2013
Released 12/3/2013
All-In-One Code Framework
This sample will show you how to use Windows Azure Mobile Services to operate table storage from Windows Store app
Updated 2/25/2014
Released 2/25/2014
Dave A Gordon
Wow, we have done quite a lot over the last couple of days. Today I will show you the Moravec Corner Detector, and the Histogram viewer that we have created for the application.
Updated 1/14/2014
Released 1/14/2014
Dave A Gordon
For many creating advanced ASP.NET website or application administration templates is difficult; we are software developers not designers. This sample and tutorial shows you how to leverage freely available pre-designed templates and how to use them
Updated 12/6/2013
Released 6/30/2012
Dave A Gordon
Today we are going to connect our client and Server Chat programs to our Azure SQL Database so that we can store information like registered users information and their friends information.
Updated 1/23/2014
Released 1/23/2014
All-In-One Code Framework - Microsoft
Windows Azure storage class library now support windows store app.
This sample will show you how to operate Azure blob storage in your store app, include upload/download/delete file from blob storage.
Updated 6/18/2013
Released 6/18/2013
Dave A Gordon
A web browser needs more than just to look good – it needs good functionality as well. In this sample we will add basic functionality to the Addressbar so that we can start navigating the internet like we can with other browsers.
Updated 12/17/2013
Released 11/19/2013
Dave A Gordon
Today we redesign our chat system and create a login system which we can then associate friends lists to. There is quite a lot to do so let’s get on with it.
Updated 12/17/2013
Released 12/6/2013

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