ASP.NET Web Forms Application Using Entity Framework Database First - V2

The Contoso University application created by the two Web Forms tutorial series at

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  • What is the Default Page for this sample
    1 Posts | Last post November 07, 2018
    • Hi Tom,
      I am trying to figure out what this EF technology is.  I have some experience in ASP.NET Web Forms but no experience in EF or MVC.  I was only able to locate a few samples that explained and provided samples on how EF works AND does not use MVC.  I wanted to understand EF first BEFORE I move on to MVC.  I have VS 2017.  So, which form should I define as the Default Page.  Also, would you happen to have another sample that is EF 6 BUT NOT MVC?
      Thank you very much for your assistance.
  • SQL Server 2012 not Express
    2 Posts | Last post February 25, 2014
    • How do I change the connection string to point to my SQL Server running on a Windows Server 2008 machine, I know that the changes I make are in the web.config file but I'm not sure what changes to make under <connectionString> to point to my database.
    • See
  • New to EF and confused.
    2 Posts | Last post December 06, 2012
    • I am trying to set a layered application with 3 projects; ASP.NET Web Forms, Business Logic, and Data Access Object using EF 5.  I am using VS 2012 set to .NET 4.0 because my hosting is limited to 4.0.  I have worked in VS 2005 with DataSets and using the ObjectData Source with BL with success.  I am not clear how to get EF 5 to talk to BL.  I have not worked with interfaces before.  I have created the database then generated EF using database first. I then ran the DBcontext.  In the Name_EF project I have the .edmx and the and files.  I am working in VB.Net.  I can see all the .vb classes per table.
      - Do I create an interface for the DBContext class?
      - Do I instantiate the DBContext class in every one of my BL classes? Assuming a and Entity per table and a BL class per table.
      - Do I write Linq to SQL to create insert, update, delete in a DAL class?
      I just am not sure how to hook everything up with this architecture.  I have Julia Lerman Entity Framework book but it is written for EF 4 and it is confusing trying to work with DBContext.  My goal is to create generics so that this website can be easily scaled in the future.  This is why I layered the application UI, BL, and DAO.
    • Until we have an opportunity to update the tutorial and code sample to EF 5, your best resource for questions like this are or the EF ASP.NET forum at .