ASP.Net 4.6 CRUD Using MySQL with SP and Helper Class

This article explains in detail how to insert/update/delete and select data from a MySQL database using a helper class and Stored Procedure using ASP.NET 4.6.

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  • Fails using VS 2015 and MSSQL
    2 Posts | Last post December 11, 2016
    • I created the DB using the included scripts without modification and other than changing the password and connection string executed the code without modification.  Attaches to the DB and fails executing ProcName = "USP_SelectItemmaster"...
    • Found the issue and fixed... My MYSQL was set to case sensitive and the database name was created lower case..  Updated the connect string and all is good...  Thank You for such a GREAT example...
  • SQL Database Script
    3 Posts | Last post June 14, 2016
    • Is the SQL server database script available with this codebase. I could find MYSQL database script and it was very useful.
    • Yes you can create new class for connection to SQL Server and create all procedure in SQL Server DB.
      Here is my sample article for ASP.NET and SQL Server
    • Hi!, I would like to know will this application work on Linux using Mono.
  • MSSQL Server
    1 Posts | Last post June 13, 2016
    • Hi!
      Is it possible if I change only the database to MSSQL, the same codebase will work?