Backup SQL Azure To Windows Azure Blob Storage

This samples shows how to create SQL Azure database snapshots using SQL Azure's COPY DATABASE feature and the BACPAC CTP. It demonstrates pracical use of startup tasks for Azure roles and solves the burning problem of backup/restore for SQL Azure to a certain extent.

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  • I can't build the solution.
    1 Posts | Last post April 24, 2013
  • this project is not working
    1 Posts | Last post October 04, 2012
    • Now this project is not working. Microsoft.SqlServer.DAC does not support import/export anymore. From where to get the Microsoft.SqlServer.DAC dll which has import/export APIs?
  • Why does the stuck in the loop for queue message ?
    3 Posts | Last post September 10, 2011
    • var msg = this.BackupTriggerQueue.GetMessage(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10));
      if (msg != null)
         Trace.WriteLine("Received backup trigger message.", "Information");
      I always receive null in msg and the rest of the code never executes. Why queue is being used and from where the message will be added in it. I don't see that code.
    • Just stumbled over the same problem. Azure beginner :-(
    • I found a workaround, I simply removed the queue (uncomment/delete the part at the start of the while loop) and instead of sleeping 5 seconds, set the sleep to the period you want to wait between backups.
      One day in my case, so Thread.Sleep(1000 * 60 * 60 * 24);