The support for REST has been anticipated for a long time by BizTalk developers. A majority of the services in the cloud these days is REST based. When exposing a public API over the internet to handle CRUD operations on data REST has now generally been considered the best option. Twitter, Google, Salesforce, eBay, Amazon all offer REST API's to use their services. Not only these, but many more companies support REST or will support it as the number of mobile devices and light weight rich (Ajax) web applications will increase significantly coming years.

Building the Sample

Download and build the example in VS2012. Deploy the solution to the BizTalk runtime. Import the binding file found in the bindings folder.


This sample shows how to consume a Restful Service Endpoint.


Source Code Files

The solution consists of the following projects:

More Information

For more information on my blog post BizTalk Server 2013: New Adapters Series: WCF-WebHttp.

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