BizTalk Server 2013: WCF-WebHttp Adapter Sample

The support for REST has been anticipated for a long time by BizTalk developers. A majority of the services in the cloud these days is REST based. This sample demonstrates how to consume a RESTFul Service Endpoint through BizTalk Server 2013.

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  • Need additional deployment document for WCF-WebHttp Adapter Sample
    2 Posts | Last post April 15, 2017
    • Hey Steef-Jan Wiggers,
      I appreciate your BizTalk application project and I'm trying to deploy solution having couple of issue regarding client application so, if you can provided details deployment document as well as designing rules for your project that would be great.
      Also this is first time I'm playing custom design about pipeline and WCF wizard and having great fun to design application.
    • Thanks Steef-Jan wiggers for such nice project!
      After 4 day 2:30 Hrs application start working, let me know anybody having issue regarding deployment on
      Key point..
      IIS -- APP.Pool having access for BizTalkMgmt.db
      SQL configuration manager --listen to ALLIP -1433
      SSO services need to be start
      Default warning for AirportStatusResponseInstance.xsd regarding namespace --leave there without doing's warning
      From WCF wizard -- Target namespace of WCF service http://BizTalkWCFServiceAirport 
      WCF service IIS Location http://localhost/BizTalkWCFServiceAirport
      App config file http://localhost/BizTalkWcfService/Airport.svc
      Happy ester guys @4-15-2017 3:22AM I got solution.
  • url is it public
    2 Posts | Last post January 19, 2017
      I implemented my BizTalk rest solution using the above url and I got weird error back.
      Is the above url a public url that I can use to create a proof of concept?
    • Hi,
      The url is an endpoint of a public API of faa. It's possible that the contract has changed. I had to correct the sample in the past because of that.
  • Sample code Errors
    2 Posts | Last post June 17, 2014
    • I built this solution and deployed on my local machine.
      Created one temp send port for publishing messages to BizTalk Since Web App associated with project is missing.
      Request XML:
      <ns0:Request xmlns:ns0="http://AirportStatus.Demo.Solution.Schemas.AirportStatus">
      This ended with below error:
      The Messaging engine failed to process a message submitted by adapter:WCF-WebHttp Source URL: Details:The published message could not be routed because no subscribers were found. This error occurs if the subscribing orchestration or send port has not been enlisted, or if some of the message properties necessary for subscription evaluation have not been promoted. Please use the Biztalk Administration console to troubleshoot this failure
      Can you please explain the logic of splitting Rest service End point in Address URI and HTTP Headers and URL Mappings Section.
    • In the Send Port you will have to add the filter BTS.MessageType == http://AirportStatus.Demo.Solution.Schemas.AirportStatus#Request to subscribe that message. It is a messaging based solution. The request message contains the Airport Code, which is a promoted property that will be used for the Mapping.
  • Where is AirportService.svc?
    2 Posts | Last post June 17, 2014
    • In the services folder it references http://motion10/BizTalkWcfServiceAirport/AirportService.svc
      Where can I get a copy of that project to create the svc file, so I can complete the tutorial and point to that locally? 
    • The AirportService.svc is generated through the WCF-Publishing Wizard exposing the AirportStatus.Demo.Solution.Schemas.AirportStatus schema. So it is simply going through that Wizard.