Fix the position of GridView header (CSASPNETFixedHeaderGridView)

The GridView control in ASP.NET usually loads many rows of data with a vertical scroll bar. When users scroll using vertical bar, the header of the GridView will move and disappear. This sample illustrates how to fix the position of the GridView header b

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      For make the static header of sach large gridview, I used the Jquery given in this site. If I use Jquery with Update panel, it doesnt work. but if I remove Update Panel, Jquery works, displayes the static headers of the gridview. My problem is how to use this jquery with the update panel. Please give me the exact solution as eraly as possible. Its really very urjent.
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      If you add a link button column, or any button to this GView, and if you scroll lower in the list, and click the button in a row, the control will refresh itself, and will not hold focus on the selected row, but scroll to the top on its own, and the selected row will (although still selected) not be in sight unless you scroll all the way to it again.
      I tried Ajax and even placed each button into a separate UpdatePanel class, and it works, but without this fixed header. 
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