Reverse AJAX technique in ASP.NET (CSASPNETReverseAJAX)

Reverse Ajax is also known as Comet Ajax, Ajax Push, Two-way-web and HTTP server push. This technique persists a HTTP request to allow the server push data to a browser, without requesting the server in a individual time. This sample shows how to use thi

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  • WCF Version Reverse AJAX.
    1 Posts | Last post October 14, 2012
    • Thank you for a great & useful code.
      Is it possible to provide wcf version for this code?
  • I am understanding Javascript Part Help me out?
    2 Posts | Last post December 01, 2011
    • Hi,ur's work is awesome i liked your application, but i am getting confused with that code of javascript, so can you explain that javascript(Dispatcher), what's it doing and how the script will be helped to persist a http request and wait for messages..
      Please help me out.. thanks in advance...
    • There is a blog that may be helpful,, though it is in Chinese. :(