Share ASP.NET sessions between domains (CSASPNETShareSessionBetweenSubDomains)

This sample demonstrates how to configure a SessionState Server and then create a SharedSessionModule module to achieve sharing Session between sub domain ASP.NET Web Applications

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  • Fails in real life implementation
    2 Posts | Last post February 29, 2012
    • I put this code in place in an existing website, but get an error 'session state is not available in this context'.  It appears that more than one request is being processed by the context_postRequestHandlerExecute method, the first being the page request and the second being the request for the stylesheet.  The second one is the one causing the error.  Anyone run into this too and figure out how to fix it?
    • Have determined that this code just doesn't work.  I set up in IIS with no changes, and the values are not updated between sites.  Don't waste your time.