Convert from HTML to PDF in ASP.NET Core with a Free 3rd Party Library

Html to Pdf Conversion is now available for .NET Core. SelectPdf offers a Community Edition (FREE) of the powerful Html To Pdf Converter for .NET Core that can be found in the full featured pdf library.

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  "name": "jquery",
  "main": "dist/jquery.js",
  "license": "MIT",
  "ignore": [
  "keywords": [
  "homepage": "",
  "version": "2.2.0",
  "_release": "2.2.0",
  "_resolution": {
    "type": "version",
    "tag": "2.2.0",
    "commit": "6fc01e29bdad0964f62ef56d01297039cdcadbe5"
  "_source": "git://",
  "_target": "2.2.0",
  "_originalSource": "jquery"