Displaying list of uploaded VHD Images to Azure Portal

This sample shows how you can parse the output of csupload tool with Get-VMImage switch so as to display the list of uploaded vhd images in a better manner, such as in a Gridview of a web page.

C# (100.4 KB)
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  • have a sample on how to do a simple education vhd manager for teacher?
    2 Posts | Last post June 01, 2012
    • I was wondering do you have a simple manager sample for vhd files or automatic creation of vhd files for teacher so she can grade if they've done a computer task. This would be like ms virtual labs except for they save their computer state multiple times for each task and if the state of students vhd computer process equals their saved state then it gives them a grade if they completed all the tasks.
    • I am sorry but the sample posted here is not at all related to what you are looking for. The sample here is about the vhd images that are uploaded to Windows Azure and which can be used with VM Role.