Finding the faces in images in ASP.NET web application

In this ASP.NET web application based project I have shown how you can process the images uploaded by the users to process them and find the faces. After finding the faces, how you can map their locations in the images for the users to see where faces were found. This is a full f

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  • May i ask how to use it?
    2 Posts | Last post September 29, 2016
    • thank you for sharing this awesome code, 
      I am new in ASP.Net, 
      may I ask how to use it? 
      I open it with Visual Studio, and I am not sure what's next step?
      please help this newbie question, thank you!
    • The project is already built with everything set up. Open the website and redirect yourself to the account creation setup. 
      I have written and covered all of these topics in an article of CodeProject, that I would like you to read and learn from, Please share the source code, and the article with your friends. 
      Thank you.