Fuel Tracker is a Windows Phone 7.1 sample application that tracks the fuel consumption for your car. Fuel Tracker and its companion documentation provide guidance for building a complete Windows Phone application from start to finish. You can find the documentation at Developing a Windows Phone Application from Start to Finish.

The documentation describes core concepts for getting started with application development for Windows Phone 7.1 using Silverlight. It assumes no prior experience with phone or Silverlight development, although it does assume knowledge of general .NET Framework programming. The sample code is available in Visual Basic and C#.

The documentation includes callouts for best practices and requirements, and addresses the following developer challenges:

 • How to design the user interface (UI) and choose appropriate controls, icons, and graphics.
 • How to use the application bar and back button, and handle navigation between pages.
 • How to store and retrieve data using isolated storage.
 • How to display data in controls, allow editing, and perform validation.
 • How to handle application deactivation, tombstoning, and reactivation.
 • How to prepare and upload an application for the Windows Phone Marketplace.