Handling Secrets in Asp.Net (.Net Core) Web Application

In this Sample, we will see how we will handle the secrets in .Net Core web Application using Azure Key Vault.Installing the below NuGet Package DescriptionAs more and more applications moving into the cloud, the more and more securities that need to be handled carefully. Normall

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# DemoSecrets

This project is helps us to how we can manage the secrets in the configurations `(appsetting.json)`

**For debuging in local**

`Right click Project`->`Manage user secrets`

Then manage all your secrets in `secrets.json`

**Managing secrets in Azure KeyVault**

update the appsettings.json with corresponding values

`"myConnectionString": <your actual connection string>,
  "Vault": <keyvaultname>, 
  "ClientId": <application id>,  
  "ClientSecret": <application id secret> `
  Find the full article explaination [here in TechNet](https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/51871.net-core-2-managing-secrets-in-web-apps.aspx)
 **Priority of getting values from config**
1. AzureKeyVault
2. secrets.json
3. appsetting.json