Handling Secrets in Asp.Net (.Net Core) Web Application

In this Sample, we will see how we will handle the secrets in .Net Core web Application using Azure Key Vault.Installing the below NuGet Package DescriptionAs more and more applications moving into the cloud, the more and more securities that need to be handled carefully. Normall

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@model ErrorViewModel
    ViewData["Title"] = "Error";

<h1 class="text-danger">Error.</h1>
<h2 class="text-danger">An error occurred while processing your request.</h2>

@if (Model.ShowRequestId)
        <strong>Request ID:</strong> <code>@Model.RequestId</code>

<h3>Development Mode</h3>
    Swapping to <strong>Development</strong> environment will display more detailed information about the error that occurred.
    <strong>Development environment should not be enabled in deployed applications</strong>, as it can result in sensitive information from exceptions being displayed to end users. For local debugging, development environment can be enabled by setting the <strong>ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT</strong> environment variable to <strong>Development</strong>, and restarting the application.