This tutorial will teach you the basics of building an ASP.NET MVC Web application using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Service Pack 1, which is a free version of Microsoft Visual Studio. Before you start, make sure you've installed the prerequisites listed below. You can install all of them by clicking the following link: Web Platform Installer. Alternatively, you can individually install the prerequisites using the following links:


What You'll Build

You'll implement a simple movie-listing application that supports creating, editing and listing movies from a database. Below are two screenshots of the application you’ll build. It includes a page that displays a list of movies from a database:


The application also lets you add, edit, and delete movies as well as see details about individual ones. All data-entry scenarios include validation to ensure that the data stored in the database is correct.


Skills You'll Learn

Here's what you'll learn:


Getting Started

Start by completing the How to create a new ASP.NET MVC project tutorial.