This sample shows how to host the Edge Chakra JavaScript runtime in a non-IE application.

The sample demonstrates the following tasks:

  1. Initializing the JavaScript runtime and creating an execution context.

  2. Running scripts and handling values.

  3. Creating host objects that scripts can interact with.

  4. Creating callback functions to execution actions in the host.

  5. Handling exceptions throw in JavaScript.

  6. Initializing JavaScript debugging.

  7. Handling profile events from the JavaScript engine.

Operating system requirements

Windows 10.0
Windows Server 2016


Build the sample

  1. Start Visual Studio 2015 and select File > Open > Project/Solution.
  2. Go to the directory in which you unzipped the sample. Go to the directory named for the sample, and double-click the Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file.
  3. Press F6 or use Build > Build Solution to build the sample.

Run the sample

To debug the app and then run it, press F5 or use Debug > Start Debugging. To run the app without debugging, press Ctrl+F5 or use Debug > Start Without Debugging.

Run the C++ sample with script debugging enabled

To debug a script running in the C++ sample host, choose Project > Properties. Under Configuration Properties, choose Debugging. Change the values of Debugger Type to Script and choose OK. Note that while using script debugging, you cannot debug the host itself. To switch back to native code debugging, change Debugger Type to Auto.

Run the C#/VB sample with script debugging enabled

Because the C# and VB project systems do not allow changing the debugger type to the script debugger, to debug a script running in the C# or VB sample hosts it is necessary to open the host executable directly. Having built the project, choose File > Open > Project/Solution. Navigate to where the host executable was built (for example, <project directory>\bin\Debug) and choose the host executable (for example, chakrahost.exe). Choose Project > Properties. Change Debugger Type to Script and hit F5.