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This is the source code with debug helpers that goes with the above tutorials.

Building the Sample

The first time you build the solution NuGet will download missing libraries.

You must create a file in called AppSettingsSecrets.config.ignore which will contain the <appSettings> secrets for SendGrid, Twilio and Google authentication. This must be in the same folder as the root web.config file. See the web.config file. See the sample markup below.



   <!-- SendGrid--> 
   <add key="mailAccount" value="your account" /> 
   <add key="mailPassword" value="your password" /> 
   <!-- Twilio--> 
   <add key="TwilioSid" value="Twilio SID" /> 
   <add key="TwilioToken" value="Twilio Token" /> 
   <add key="TwilioFromPhone" value="+12065551234" /> 
   <add key="GoogClientID" value="" /> 
   <add key="GoogClientSecret" value="111111" /> 
This tutorial was written  by  Rick Anderson  ( Twitter: @RickAndMSFT ).
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