Microsoft.Activities.UnitTesting - How do I test an activity with bookmarks?

This sample application demonstrates how you can unit test an activity with bookmarks using Microsoft.Activities.UnitTesting

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  • How to pass in arg to test bookmark?
    1 Posts | Last post May 21, 2013
    • I'd like to pass in arg to test activity with bookmarks. Following RuntimeBinderException occurs after pass in arg to workflow.
      'System.Activities.WorkflowApplication' does not contain a definition for 'RunEpisode'
      Here is my code:
                  dynamic args = new WorkflowArguments();
                  args.Age = 88;
                  var host = WorkflowApplicationTest.Create(new ReadUser(), args);
                      // Run the workflow to the first idle point where a bookmark named "FirstName" 
                      host.TestWorkflowApplication.RunEpisode(firstBookmark, TestTimeout);