CnetSDK .NET PDF Barcode Generator SDK - Generate Barcodes on PDF in C# & VB.NET

Easily integrate .NET PDF Barcode Generator library in VS .NET projects. Create and generate various linear and 2d barcodes on PDF in C# & VB.NET windows and web projects. Independent .NET library for barcodes generation on PDF document pages.



CnetSDK .NET PDF Barcode Generator SDK is an independent .NET library for C# and VB.NET programs. It is widely used for adding linear and 2d barcodes generation features to PDF document for C# and VB.NET windows and web applications development. With simple integration, you can easily generate and draw barcodes on specified pages of PDF document in VS .NET projects.



CnetSDK .NET PDF Barcode Generator SDK library complies with Visual Studio .NET applications development.  To use this .NET PDF barcode generator SDK, your development environment should be Microsoft Windows System, 32-bit or 64-bit system, Visual Studio 2005+, and .NET Framework 2.0+.

Below is a simple example of showing how to use CnetSDK .NET PDF Barcode Generator library in C# & VB.NET programming. You may get more examples for all barcode types in the downloaded package. As for integration, please directly add your project reference to CnetSDK.PDFBarcode.Generator.Trial.dll.

C#Visual Basic
using System; 
using CnetSDK.PDFBarcode.Generator.Trial; 
namespace CsharpPDFQRCodeGenerator 
    class Program 
        static void Main(string[] args) 
            // Create a PDF and get graphics object from its page. 
            PdfFile PDFBarcodeGenerator = new PdfFile(); 
            PdfFilePage SamplePage = PDFBarcodeGenerator.CreatePage(); 
            CSImage SampleGraphics = CSImage.FromFilePage(SamplePage); 
            // Create a barcode object and set its type as QR Code. 
            CSBarcodeOnPdf QRCode = new CSBarcodeOnPdf(); 
            QRCode.BarcodeType = CSBarcodeType.QRCode; 
            // Customize QR Code properties. 
            QRCode.BarcodeData = "CnetSDKPDFQRCode0123"; 
            QRCode.BarColor = CSColor.Black; 
            QRCode.BackgroundColor = CSColor.White; 
            QRCode.QRCodeErrorCorrectionLevel = ECLMode.L; 
            QRCode.BarcodeSize = new CSSize(280280); 
            // Set QR Code location on PDF file page. 
            QRCode.BarcodeLocation = new CSPoint(160160); 
            // Save and show PDF file.         

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