Event Hubs enable you to build applications that require ingesting event streams at very high throughput and low latency. Event Hubs enable you to durably store the events until the required retention period expires. Some of the typical types of applications that require high throughput event ingestion are log analytics systems for monitoring, billing and commerce services, and Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios that involve large numbers of devices publishing event streams.

You can use the EventProcessorHost API from Azure Event Hubs to reliably process large-scale data streams from Event Hubs. The EventProcessorHost simplifies the workload distribution model and the client can focus on the actual data processing rather than handling the checkpoint and fault tolerance.

Currently, Event Hubs are enabled in only 4 regions. Therefore, please make sure that the Service Bus namespace being used to run this sample is created in one of these 4 regions:
 1. Central US
 2. East US 2
 3. West Europe
 4. Southeast Asia

 Building the Sample

Please take a look at ReadMe.txt before build and run sample.


This sample demonstrates how the EventProcessorHost to be used to distributed the work load of Event Hubs stream consumption. It shows how to implement the EventProcessor and EventProcesorFactory to keep things managed.

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More Information

Refer to Event Hubs Developer guide for detailed API documentation