Silverlight for Windows Embedded Clock Sample

Windows Embedded Compact 7 developers can download, build, and run the Silverlight for Windows Embedded clock code sample that is based on Silverlight for Windows Embedded.By evaluating the sample code, you can learn how to write your own code for a Silverlight for Windows Embe

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AppWizard has created this SWEClock application for you.

This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that
make up your SWEClock application.

    This is the main project file for VC++ projects generated using an Application Wizard.
    It contains information about the version of Visual C++ that generated the file, and
    information about the platforms, configurations, and project features selected with the
    Application Wizard.

    This is the entry point of the application and should not normally need to be edited.

App.cpp, App.h
    These files contain the derived application class.

MainPage.cpp, MainPage.h
    These files implement the minimum code required to use the <UserControl> defined in
    MainPage.xaml.  They may also contain member variables that are mapped to named objects
    and stubs for event handlers.  The event handler implementations must be completed
    by the developer.

AppWizard has created the following resources:

    This is a listing of all of the Microsoft Windows resources that the
    program uses when compiling for a platform that uses the standard Windows
    CE shell.  It includes the xaml files, images, and assets that are stored
    in the resources subdirectory.  This file can be directly edited in Microsoft
    Visual C++. When the .rc file is persisted, the defines in the data
    section are persisted as the hexadecimal version of the numeric value
    they are defined to rather than the friendly name of the define.

    This is the standard header file, which defines new resource IDs.
    Microsoft Visual C++ reads and updates this file.

    This response file is used with XRPack.exe to automatically generate
    the .rc2 file and associated header file from a Silverlight project.

SWEClockGenerated.rc2, SWEClockGenerated.h
    These files are generated by the xrpack utility and should never be 
    manually updated.

Other standard files:

StdAfx.h, StdAfx.cpp
    These files are used to build a precompiled header (PCH) file
    named smartdevtest.pch and a precompiled types file named StdAfx.obj.

Other notes:

AppWizard uses "TODO:" comments to indicate parts of the source code you
should add to or customize.