Silverlight for Windows Embedded Clock Sample

Windows Embedded Compact 7 developers can download, build, and run the Silverlight for Windows Embedded clock code sample that is based on Silverlight for Windows Embedded.By evaluating the sample code, you can learn how to write your own code for a Silverlight for Windows Embe

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#include "stdafx.h"
#include "App.h"

// ============================================================================
//  WinMain
//  Description: Set the window creation parameters for this application.
//  Parameters:  hInstance - Handle to the current instance of the application.
//               hInstPrev - This parameter is always NULL.
//               lpCmdLine - Command line for the application, excluding the program name.
//               nCmdShow - Specifies how the window is to be shown.
// ============================================================================
INT WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE /*hInstPrev*/, LPWSTR /*lpCmdLine*/, int /*nShowCmd*/)
    App AppInstance;

    HRESULT hr = AppInstance.Initialize(hInstance);
        hr = AppInstance.Run();

    return AppInstance.GetWinMainResultCode();