Silverlight for Windows Embedded Custom User Control Clock Sample

Windows Embedded Compact 7 developers can download, build, and run the Silverlight for Windows Embedded custom user control clock sample that is based on Silverlight for Windows Embedded.By building and running the custom user control code sample from MSDN Code Gallery, you can

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  • Errors when using the sample code
    1 Posts | Last post May 08, 2012
    • I am following steps from "Build and Run the Silverlight for Windows Embedded Custom User Control Clock Sample from MSDN Code Gallery.pdf" document.
      1. At Step 2, substep 4 (Browse to %_WINCEROOT%\OSDesigns\<OSDesignName>\<OSDesignName>\CUC_SilverlightClock\SWEClock\SWEClock.pbpxml, and then click Open) I got error from Platform Builder: "A subproject could not be loaded from the selected file." I had to create a new subproject using WEST pointing it to the "C++\SilverlightClock" and merge the code from "C++\SWEClock" into my new subproject.
      2. After building the subproject, when I run the application (step 4 from the same pdf), application starts, but no window is displayed. As I understand from MainWindow.xaml, there should be two clock controls visible in the window. There is a tile in taskbar, but no window at all. Other Silverlight apps, built-in samples and my apps, run just fine.
      3. When opening the "C++\SilverlightClock\SilverlightClock.csproj" in Blend 3 (step 6 from the same pdf) I got NullReferenceException at Microsoft.Expression.Project.ProjectManager.SolutionContainsProject(solutionPath, projectReference), see for the screenshot.
      Please advise on how to proceed with this sample code.