VBASPNETuserControlEventsExpose Overview


The project illustrates how to bubble an event from Web User Control to the
web page that may display something on Web Page according to which event is
fired in this User control.


Click the VBASPNETuserControlEventsExpose.sln directly and open the
VBASPNETuserControlEventsExpose website to test the page directly.

If you want to have a further test, please follow the demonstration steps

Step 1: View the Default.aspx,you will find some Controls,select the
dropdownlist value.

Step 2: When click the the button control whose value is 'I am inside User

The webpage custom event will fire, display the dropdownlist selected value
and inform user the usercontrol's button click is clicked.

Code Logical:

Step 1. Declare a delagate and a event in the user control code behind,
add one button to this User Control.

Step 2. Add the following lines of code in the click event of button of

   RaiseEvent MyEvent(sender, e)
   Response.Write("User Control��s Button Click <BR/>")

Step 3. In the Default.aspx.cs file,Load the usercontrol, and subscribe the
event of the user control in the page load event.

Step 4. Define a suitable event handler to display the dropdownlist selected


MSDN: Events and Delegates

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