Extend LINQ to query different data sources (VBLinqExtension)

This code sample demonstrates extending the LINQ technology to access CSV files, File System information, .NET assemblies(Reflection), and string text.

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       WINDOWS FORMS APPLICATION : VBLinqExtension Project Overview


The VBLinqExtension sample demonstrates the Microsoft Language-Integrated 
Query (LINQ) technology to access CSV files, File System information, .NET
assemblies(Reflection), and string text.  

Code Logic:

1. LINQ to CSV:

   A simple LINQ to CSV library to load simple CSV files into string arrays 
   line by line. 
   The CSV file stores All-In-One Code Framework project information and its 
   (Project Name, Program Language, Description, Owner)
2. LINQ to File System:
   A simple LINQ to File System library to show files grouped by extension 
   names under one folder, and to display the largest file name and the size.
3. LINQ to Reflection:

   A simple LINQ to Reflection library to display the methods of the exported 
   class in an assembly grouped by return value type.
4. LINQ to String:

   A simple LINQ to String library to show the digis characters in a string,
   to count occurrences of a word in a string, and to query for sentences 
   that contain a specified set of words.


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