WINDOWS FORMS APPLICATION : VBWinFormGroupRadioButtons Project Overview

RadioButton Sample


This sample demonstrates how to group the RadioButtons in the different containers.


When you check one of the 4 RadioButtons the checked one will auto unchecked. In other
words, the 4 RadioButtons are grouped together even they are in the different containers.


1. Let the 4 Radiobuttons in different containers use the radioButton_CheckedChanged
  method to deal with their CheckedChanged event in the MainForm.Designer.vb file.
2. Use the radTmp Radiobutton to restore the old RadioButton. First, set a RadioButton
  checked and point the radTmp to this RadioButton.
3. Uncheck the old one, and point the radTmp to the new checked RadioButton when each
  CheckedChanged event occurs.


1. Windows Forms General FAQ.
2. Windows Forms RadioButton control