Input: Ink sample (C#)

This is the updated version of the previous sample. It is built for Windows 8.1. This sample demonstrates how to use ink functionality (such as, capturing, manipulating, and interpreting ink strokes) in Metro style apps using C# and XAML.

Specifically, this sample covers using the Windows.UI.Input.Inking APIs to:

Note  Read the following instructions before using the app.

Note   Ink color or width is applied to all selected strokes and highlight color or width is applied to all selected highlights.

Press the More button to:


Build the sample

  1. Start Visual Studio 2013 and select File > Open > Project/Solution.
  2. Go to the directory in which you unzipped the sample. Go to the directory named for the sample, and double-click the Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file.
  3. Press F6 or use Build > Build Solution to build the sample.

Run the sample

To debug the app and then run it, press F5 or use Debug > Start Debugging. To run the app without debugging, press Ctrl+F5 or use Debug > Start Without Debugging.