Windows Azure Sync Service Sample

Shows how to implement and deploy a Windows Azure Hosted Service to synchronize between a SQL Azure database and a SQL Server Compact database.

C# (119.1 KB)
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  • Not working with Azure Tools 1.3 and above.
    1 Posts | Last post June 12, 2011
    • This project was updated on the 27 of April this year, but it fails to run under Azure Tools 1.3 and above. 
  • RelationalProviderProxy.cs
    1 Posts | Last post May 07, 2011
    • Hello,
      I am new to WCF and I must be missing something. I don't understand why do you reference WCFSyncServiceWebRole in ClientUI project? Shouldn't we add a service reference to AzureSyncService.svc and work with the locally generated proxies?
      When I try to do that (Service Reference), I miss the reference to RelationalProviderProxy class, which is not exposed by WCFSyncServiceWebRole project.
      What would be the workaround if I want to use a service reference instead of direct assembly reference and still get access the RelationalProviderProxy class?