Thanks to this example you will quickly understand how to change a database schema in Windows Phone 7.1 (code-name "Mango").

Building the Sample

To build and run this sample you must install the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK Beta 2 and Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit. Simply download the zip file that contains source code, extract it somewhere on you hard drive and open PhoneApp.sln file.    


This is a continuation of the example Simple WP7.1 Local Database. With newer version of the task management application ('task app v2') you can assign people to tasks.


To test code with DatabaseSchemaUpdater:

Newer version of application should replace older. Database file saved in isolated storage is not altered during the application update process. You can also use Isolated Storage Explorer to extract older database file and copy it to isolated storage of newer application.      


There're 3 projects in the solution: