Windows Server AppFabric / Workflow Services Demo - Contoso HR

This sample demonstrates how you can use a Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4) Workflow Service and Windows Server AppFabric to construct a long running business process.

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		<title>How do I test an activity with bookmarks?</title>
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            How do I test an activity with bookmarks?</h2>
        Bookmarks allow an activity to inform the host application and workflow runtime 
        that it needs more data before it can continue. The host application or some 
        other workflow extension can resume the bookmark with the required data at some 
        later point in time.
        <br />
        <br />
        Activities with bookmarks must be tested using WorkflowApplicationTest host 
        because WorkflowInvokerTest does not allow activities to use bookmarks.<br />
            <li><i>In this test you will be using Workflow Episode support provided by 
                extensions to WorkflowApplication in the Microsoft.Activities library. These 
                extensions can be used in any code not just unit test code.</i> </li>
            <li><i>This test code requires Microsoft.Activities and 
                Microsoft.Activities.UnitTesting &gt;= v1.8.5 </i></li>
            <li><a href="">
                Download the sample code<span class="externalLinkIcon"></span></a> for this 
                walkthrough from MSDN Code Gallery</li>