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Download Office code samples and applications. New samples are added frequently in JavaScript, C++, C#, and VB.NET so check back often.You can also download code samples for other products like apps for Office, apps for SharePoint, Windows Azure, Silverlight, SharePoint, Windows 8, Windows Phone, or explore the official Visual Studio 2010 C#, VB.NET, and 101 LINQ samples.
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All previous example to build custom web services for SharePoint requires modification of SPDisco.aspx. In fact this kind of modification is dangerous and considered as unsupported.
This example answer all question on how to build custom web services for SharePoint correctly.
Import Data from SpreadSheet into SQL Server.
Are there special requirements or instructions for building the sample?DescriptionYou can import Data from Excel sheet into SQL Server by C# or VB.NET.                                               Two namespace is required for this
4.7 Star
Updated 10/17/2014
Released 10/17/2014
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The samples in the Exchange 2013: 101 code samples package show you how to use the Exchange Web Services (EWS) Managed API to perform specific tasks with mailbox data on an on-premises Exchange server, Exchange Online, or Exchange Online as part of Office 365.
4.5 Star
Updated 12/19/2013
Released 7/18/2012
OneCode Team
How to Export DataGridView Data to Excel by using Excel Object
3.2 Star
Updated 8/17/2016
Released 5/20/2015
Muawiyah Shannak
JSLink files have the ability to quickly and easily change how a list views and forms are rendered. More specifically how the fields in that list should be displayed. I wrote the following code samples to be easy to understand and to achieve learning purposes.
4.7 Star
Updated 3/19/2015
Released 9/22/2013
This Sample Describes How to Export Gridview in a doc/access/excel/html/xml/text/pdf/csv/print format.To export GridView in PDF format it requires ITextSharp Library. The download link of this library is given below.
DescriptionThis Sample of Application describe
4.3 Star
Updated 2/17/2014
Released 1/19/2014
OneCode Team
How to convert excel file to xml format
4.1 Star
Updated 4/13/2015
Released 6/14/2013
In .NET no direct support for Word Document to PDF Document Conversion.This sample of application explain how to Convert Document File such as .doc,.docx to PDF Documents. It is very easy to use and understand.
Add the following reference Assembly.1)
4 Star
Updated 1/10/2014
Released 1/8/2014
Carmelo La Monica
This example demonstrates how to use the library ClosedXml.Per can try this example, you must have VisualStudio 2010, as well as the library and ClosedXml.dll OpenXml microsoft installed on your pc.Description ClosedXml and a file with the extension. Dll designed for little
4.3 Star
Updated 11/17/2012
Released 11/16/2012
Dave A Gordon
Wow, we have done quite a lot over the last couple of days. Today I will show you the Moravec Corner Detector, and the Histogram viewer that we have created for the application.
4 Star
Updated 1/14/2014
Released 1/14/2014
Sohel Rana
SharePoint doesn't provide Folder Navigation in List View WebPart when the webpart is added to a page. I've developed a JavaScript File which will use the Client Side Rendering feature of SharePoint 2013 to add Folder Navigation in SharePoint 2013 List View WebPart.
4.5 Star
Updated 6/17/2015
Released 7/26/2013

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