Provisioning Event Handler for Custom Document Set Features in SharePoint 2010

During a project we found that packaging custom document sets in SharePoint was not as straight-forward as we thought.To get the custom document type to provision properly, we must use and extend the feature receiver used by the default document set feature.

C# (59.7 KB)
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  • Welcome Page
    2 Posts | Last post October 17, 2011
    • Hi Tobias,
      Thanks for this post, it has been helpful, but I am running into an issue were everytime the feature is activated, new welcome webparts are added to the default docsethomepage.aspx.  When I inherit my feature receiver from SPFeatureReciver, this does not happen.  
      I think my issue is that I am missing something in the welcome page provisioning.
      Your post seems to be missing a section.  After the first code sample, you start to talk about it and then it cuts off.
      "This will properly add the new document set but it will not provision the document set welcome page. This occurs in the default document set using the " and then the post moves on to the event receiver.  I am hoping you can add the missing section.
    • Hi there,
      I found the need to do a rewrite about a month ago and added better abilities to run multiple content types, custom welcome pages and welcome page web parts. I have updated the article and uploaded a complete Visual Studio sample. Hope this helps!
  • Document set properties
    2 Posts | Last post August 03, 2011
    • Hi Tobias,
      Thanks for the example, I followed it and thanks to you the welcome page of the custom document set is now working. Awesome! However, there are still bunch of challenges ahead:
      - At the documentSet welcome page, 'View All properties', and 'Edit properties' do not work, I get an exception:
      Exception information: 
          Exception type: SPException 
          Exception message: Unable to find the default display form for list test. 
      - I cannot upload documents to my custom document set.
      My document set has roughtly around 15 custom fields, which are also shared with the child documents of this custom document set.
      Any Idea what might be causing the issue?
      Any help would be appreciated!
      Thank you!
    • Hi,
      Have just come back from holiday and saw your post.
      No, I have not seen that before - do you use customized welcome pages that are packaged in the feature/module?
      If you managed to solve the issue then please post the solution.