Samples on how to use SharePoint's GridView

Sometimes while building WebParts or Application Pages, it is needed to display data using a grid, such as with ASP.NET's GridView control. Fortunately SharePoint has its own implementation: SPGridView, which we can use, as explained in the five samples shown below.

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  • Passing querystring in gridview on click
    1 Posts | Last post May 24, 2012
    • Hi...
      I have a webpart with few text boxes and button.. once user enter the data and click on button.. All entries should be stored in Sharepoint List and the page should be redirected to another page where the user can see 4 clumns... First Name, Last Name, designation and a button... for example if we click on 4th row's view button the page should be redirected to another, and all the details of that row should be displayed in SPGridView (an another webpart, It should fetch the details using ID)... 
      Can anyone suggest me on this... Please
      Thanks for time