SharePoint 2013: Query Search with the Managed Client Object Model

This code sample provides details on how to query Search with the new SharePoint 2013 Client Object Model.

C# (63.7 KB)
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  • scope
    1 Posts | Last post June 22, 2015
    • hi corey,
      how to create a scope(getting search results from a particular content source) for the search results.
      If we dont provide scope will it return search results from all the content sources
  • Cannot find proxy for type with id "{80173281-fffd-47b6-9a49-312e06ff8428}".
    4 Posts | Last post April 16, 2015
    • Hi Corey, 
      I am trying to use same code in my Sharepoint 2010 environment by installing sharepoint client component for Sharepoint 2013 but getting below exception at 
      Cannot find proxy for type with id "{80173281-fffd-47b6-9a49-312e06ff8428}".
      Do you have any idea o, why I am getting such execption.
      Nikhil Tiwari
    • Hi Nikhil.  Unfortunately, I haven't tried this code from a SharePoint 2010 environment.  For that environment, I would probably go with using REST instead.
    • Hi Nikhil, 
      Did you find the cause and resolution to your issue? I am having the exact same exception using the 2010 client object model assemblies.
    • Unfortunately you can't use the client assemblies fro 2013 in the 2010 environment.