LightSwitch now supports the ability to create SharePoint applications that can be easily installed to and launched from a SharePoint site. LightSwitch SharePoint applications automatically handle identity flow between SharePoint and the LightSwitch application and provide a code experience for interacting with SharePoint assets.

The Survey Application Tutorial: Developing a SharePoint Application Using LightSwitch will show you how to use LightSwitch to build a SharePoint application with an HTML client that runs on a variety of mobile devices

Building the Sample

Download either the VB or C# source files to a machine that has Microsoft LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 or Visual Studio 2013 installed.  Follow the steps described in the Survey Application Tutorial to build a LightSwitch SharePoint application using these files. 

To post questions regarding this tutorial, refer to the LightSwitch forum. For more information & to download the HTML client see the HTML Client Resources Page on the Developer Center.

Survey Application Overiew

Contoso Foods is both a food manufacturer and distributor that sells a variety of products to grocery stores nationwide.  Contoso Foods' Sales Representatives play an important role in maintaining relationships with partner stores by frequently visiting each location to deliver products and conduct quality surveys.  Quality surveys are completed for every product to measure the presence that the product has within the store.  Typical survey data that is collected by Sales Representatives includes:

In addition, as part of completing surveys, photos are taken of the product display to support the overall assessment.

On a weekly basis, Sales Representatives visit store locations to take product surveys.  Currently, survey data is captured using a clipboard and pen, but this method is slow and increases the likelihood of transcription errors.  Also, this method makes it difficult to take and attach photos to surveys.  To address these problems, the sales team has decided to create a Survey Application that Sales Representatives can access from their tablet devices to easily collect survey data and attach photos that have been taken using their device.  Specifically, the Survey Application will be an Office 365 SharePoint application created using Visual Studio LightSwitch.  Key reasons for this approach are:

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for developing the Survey Application that Contoso Foods'  Sales Representatives will use for completing survey assessments.