Babylon 3D engine (Updated for Silverlight 5 RTM)

This sample shows a full 3D realtime engine with some advanced features and an integrated collisions system.Live sample : Support for Silverlight 5 (RTM) Update: Integration of the Silverlight 5 Toolkit: h

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  • Hardware Acceleration Error
    2 Posts | Last post May 20, 2011
    • Hi,
      I am able to compile and run this project, but I am getting "Your video card do not have any hardware acceleration." Error in Babylon.Engine Class at line 70 : "SynchronizationContext = SynchronizationContext.Current;"
    • Have you set the EnableGPUAcceleration option on your web page (the one that host the silverlight plugin)?
  • How best can I reach you?
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2011
    • Where can I find your email David? I will send you my project.
    • davca @ microsoft . com
  • How best can I reach you?
    1 Posts | Last post May 15, 2011
    • Where can I find your email David? I will send you my project.
  • How to use importer.ImportAsynch
    2 Posts | Last post May 15, 2011
    • Hey David I love your stuff. I'm attempting to Load a .obj of a model that I've been working on and am having some issues. Maybe you could help me.
       importer.ImportAsync(objStream, GetMaterialStream, GraphicsDeviceManager.Current.GraphicsDevice, ImportationOptions.Optimize);
      I call this method in the load of the drawing surface but when it returns in the handler the Model is always null. I think its because I'm not sure what to put in for the Func<string, Stream> parameter of this method.
      The parameters I am using are as follows.
      Stream objStream = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri("/FootBallViz;component/SoccerBallsmall.obj", UriKind.Relative)).Stream;
      ??? -- Don't know what to put for this? -- so I put null...
      So when the handler gets called it always returns null. (I know its not due to my model because it is actually being loaded into the stream.
       void importer_OnImportCompleted(Model obj)
                  model = obj; //model always == null
      Also, is there some kind of "getting started" documentation?  I would love to read through it.
      Thanks! And great work!!
      - David :)
    • Hi David;)
      the best place to start is
      You can go to the downloads tab and download a project sample.
      If you do'nt manage to make your code work, do not hesitate to send me your project and I will look for you where the problem is :)
  • Build fails on BabylonImporter
    2 Posts | Last post May 14, 2011
    • Hi,
      I'm having some problems building the solution - the BabylonImporter project fails.  It has a problem with the "Vertice" namespace.
      Do I need to install/import anything related to Nova?  Sorry, but I'm a bit of a novice :-(
      Many thanks for your help and this amazing resource.
    • Hello Chris,
      You have to download the free version of Nova :
      With this sdk, you will be able to export scenes from 3Ds max and import them in babylon :)
  • how to build a scene ??
    2 Posts | Last post May 12, 2011
    • hello,
      i hope that someone can help, im interested to build a scene for my house, what are the tools that is available to build a scene to be able to render it in silverlight,,,
      thank you for the help
    • You should take a look at Babylon.Toolkit which allows you to import .OBJ files :
  • Does that mean it doesn't work on Mac
    5 Posts | Last post April 30, 2011
    • i.e., is this just a Windows technology right now?
    • We understand it's important and we are looking into the experience.
    • <<We understand it's important and we are looking into the experience. 
      Il s'agit de la même réponse que celle faite par Aaron lors de sa session MIX,
      qu'il a faite à cette question évidemment cruciale sur son blog: qu'apporte cette langue de bois?
      Pourquoi ne pas pas clairement annoncer la couleur?
      Je n'imagine pas que la version SL5 pour MacOSX n'offre pas le support XNA, quitte à requérir
      des version GLSL des shaders. Si ça n'était pas le cas, quel serait l'interêt de SL5 par rapport
      à WPF, qui permet déjà, fut ce façon acrobatique, d'intégrer des rendus DirectX?
      Ceci dit, bravo pour la démo MIX basée sur Babylon: impressionnant!
    • Ce n'est pas de la langue de bois. Il y a vraiment une discussion actuellement sur le support de la 3D sur le Mac. Ce qui est sur c'est que ca viendra. La discussion porte plutot sur le quand.
      Et oui je suis d'accord c'est crucial.
    • <<Ce qui est sur c'est que ca viendra. 
      C'est tout ce que je voulais entendre: merci :-)!
      Je trouve l'ensemble des technologies et outils formé par WPF/SL/WP7, VS.Net/Expression extraordinaire,
      je souhaite les voir continuer à évoluer, et converger: tout ce qui va dans ce sens me fait plaisir.
  • Requirements
    2 Posts | Last post April 26, 2011
    • Does this engine/application require DirectX?
    • Indirectly yes. Silverlight 5 3D uses DirectX to render scenes under Windows.
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