Silverlight 4 upload VB 2010

Last update 21/05/2012 : reasson minor bugfix in filereceiver.ashx  fixed a problem uploading Docx or Xlsx files  

This project shows how to asynch upload a file with Silverlight 4 from client browser to a webserver it is all done in VB 2010 and Silverlight 4
Example is tested and pretty simple to understand ( same version is used in my production site )
It also shows how to filter files to upload on extension  and binary content , and to refuse to large files ( all client side )


A fully working VB.Net 2010 example on how to upload a file asynchronous with Silverlight 4 to a server webpage

The code is fully functional and shows some nice features as

1. Client side file filtering with the SL dialog
2. Client side validation of file size ( 20 mb as example in the code )
3. Progress support of the asynch transfer ( progressbar and percentage )
4. server side processing of the uploaded file
5. Properties can  be set through object tag thus the control is reusable in every project without a recompile ( you can use the provided control without having to know the code )
6. The source code is  fully commented ( verry easy to understand what is going on in the code )
7. The example usage project shows how to set the controls properties from ASP.Net or HTML ( this might be interesting even if you do not need an upload control )

8. checkfiletype binary capable of checking multiple types ( example included for wmv and wav )

Please note that i am a code guy and not a designer :-) ,,, but hey it just works ! ;-) and you get it fully documented and with all sources so the limit is your inmagination .