Implementing Hyperlinks in TextBoxes inside LightSwitch

This sample demonstrates how to create a TextBox control in Silverlight 4 that formats a website address into a hyperlink, and how to use the control in a LightSwitch application.It is not unusual to enter information pointing to an external resource from within a business applic

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  • Bind Hyperbox to different entity
    4 Posts | Last post August 22, 2011
    • Great article - just what I was looking for!  
      I am a newbie to Lightswitch, and I was wondering how you can bind the hyperbox to a different Entity?  I tried changing the HyperBox.xaml UrlTextbox & NavigateUri to Screen.Data2.Website1.SelectedItem.WebsiteUrl, but it seems to be the wrong syntax.
      Also is the HyperLibrary control downloadable?
    • Hi,
      the control is included in the source code, can you please confirm this?
      About your question, remember that XAML is case sensitive. Website is different from WebSite. I would first check if casing is correct. Let me know!
    • Hi Alessandro, Thankyou for the hint about case sensitivity - it worked - awesome!!!!  Sorry, but I was not exactly sure how to add the control code, so I used your downloaded solution and added my sql tables to it instead for testing.  Just one last question - when I click on the HyperBox.xaml code it comes up with quite a few 'could not find schema information' errors - is that something I should worry about?  Thankyou!!!!
    • Usually you should not worry about that particular message, especially if everything works correctly at runtime. Take care