Solar Wind 3D Sample

This sample for Silverilght 5 uses the new 3D features to draw the Earth with day and night transitions, atmosphere layers, and population density overlays. It demonstrates advanced concepts like mipmaps, texture blending, multiple drawing passes, sampler states...

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// This file defines the contract for vertex shader output
// used by all vertex and pixel shaders of the Earth effect.

// Data passed from vertex shader to pixel shader
struct VertexShaderOutput 
    float4 Position	     : POSITION;
    float2 UV		     : TEXCOORD0;
    float3 LightVector	 : TEXCOORD1;

    // The following values are passed in "World" coordinates since
    // it tends to be the most flexible and easy for handling
    // reflections, sky lighting, and other "global" effects.
    float3 WorldNormal	 : TEXCOORD2;
    float3 WorldTangent	 : TEXCOORD3;
    float3 WorldBinormal : TEXCOORD4;
    float3 WorldView	 : TEXCOORD5;