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This is a lab that shows you how to create a domain-specific language (DSL) using the Visualization and Modeling SDK of Visual Studio.
UML elements on any UML diagram can be linked to another element, UML diagram, or parts of any other file by dragging. Open the linked item by double-clicking. This sample is an extension of Visual Studio Ultimate.
This sample extends Visual Studio Ultimate. It lets users align shapes neatly on a UML diagram. If you hold the shift key, it will also make the widths uniform.For example: Align a vertical set of shapes:Align a horizontal set of shapes: Result:Adjusting widths - hold the shift k
This is a sample of a domain-specific language defined by using Visualization and Modeling SDK (DSL Tools). It demonstrates how to program: commands, drag and drop, cut and paste, events, shape alignment, composite elements, validation, and embedding a diagram in a Windows Form.
UML elements such as use cases or classes can be linked to another element, UML diagram, or any other file by using this extension of Visual Studio Ultimate. Users create links by dragging, and can later open the link target by double-clicking.
This sample demonstrates how to create and read profiles, stereotypes, and stereotype properties in UML. It also contains the UML Profiles XSD.
This tool lets you type strings like "Action1-*Action2-Action3" to create elements quickly. You can capture a model of your design or requirements while you are in a meeting with the team or the customer. The code shows how to build and unit test UML models in a VS Extension.
UML classes are automatically displayed in different colors depending on their stereotypes, when you have installed this sample extension to Visual Studio Ultimate. When the user changes the stereotype, the color changes.Test the sampleYou must have: Visual Studio Ultimate Visual
In a UML class diagram, draw bidirectional associations by default, and omit the Operations compartment in a class diagram if it's empty. This sample extends the UML features of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.
You can write code that is executed whenever a change occurs in a UML model in Visual Studio. It will respond equally to changes that are made directly by the user, and by other Visual Studio extensions.
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