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This is a simple listbox control created using Windows Forms. The language here used is Visual Basic.The Tool used here is the Visual Studio 2010 , you can also use Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2008 to work this tutorial. If you are using Visual Studio 2008 you must have t
Its a simple WPF application with Styles and triggers.This sample will give an idea about the WPF resource dictionary.The sample is for the beginners.DescriptionCreate a folder named "StyleResources"  inside your application "
You can create a simple dll and use it in another project by using this sample.Its ony for absolute beginners.Open the MyCalc.sln and run it. You can view the dll code by opening "dll sample" folder and open its solutin file.
Interface Implementation using C# and Windows Forms.Visual Studio 2010 Windows FormsC#DescriptionThe sample will provide much information about "How to use interface practically"There is an Interface named MyInterface.csIt contains only the definitionsAfter creating the interface
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