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The CRM 2011 Appender is a custom appender for log4net. Instead of the basic file appender that writes log messages to a file, the CRM 2011 Appender will write log messages to your custom log entity inside your CRM 2011 organization.

The advantage of the CRM 2011 Appender is t
This sample provides a quick and easy way to make a Lookup control for CRM 2011 and 2013 using Kendo UI's AutoComplete control.  PrerequisitesThe Kendo controls (or at least the AutoComplete control) are required for this sample to work completely.  If you do not own the Kendo co
Generates JavaScript helper objects based on the fields, tabs, sections, and left navigation items that are currently on the specified entity form. Also caches XRM objects to optimize performance.

This tool will increase developer productivity as well as performance in regar
Asynchronous calls can cause ugly code due to needing to perform a task after multiple async calls are finished.  This requires chaining async calls which is the cause of the ugly code.  This sample shows how to cleanly handle Asynchronous calls to CRM 2011 from Silverlight 5.  T
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