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Have you ever come across a situation where you want to have multiple login pages with Forms Authentication.  Forms Authentication directly supports one login page, but there is a work around. Today we will see how to achieve
this.For an example let’s say you want two lo
In this example let’s see how we can write data in a excel file into a database using a

DataSet and

The concept here is fairly simple. First I am going to load data in the excel file into a

DataSet and then for each tables in the
DataSet, I am going to
One my friends wanted to call a WCF Service from a Stored Procedure in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. So this is how you can do it.Before starting off with coding, there are some things that we all need to know and understand well.When wring functionalities such as Stored Procedures,
We use both Thread.Sleep() and Task.Delay() to suspend the execution of a program for some given time. But are we actually suspending the execution? What is the difference between these two? How to abort from a Sleeping thread or from a
delaying task. Those are some of the ques
In Windows Store Apps there are variety of ways/methods to store your application data. Examples of such mechanisms would be Web Storage, IndexedDB etc. and even SkyDrive. Today I am going to write about my favorite data storage method in developing Windows Store Apps which is “S
In Entity Framework Navigation properties are used to create associations/relationships among entities. Today I am going to write about the three ways which can be used to load related entities data along with the primary entity. I will
not be covering the basics of Entity Fram
HTML5 has introduced two mechanisms for storing structured data on the client side, similar to HTTP session cookies. HTTP cookies have some drawbacks such as limited to store 4 KB of data etc. Web storage is considered as one
of the most rising data storage methods is HT
When using Entity Framework Code First approach, there are actually three ways to define foreign keys. In this post let’s explorer these different ways with some examples (Please note here I am not going to cover the basics of EF, assuming you have some knowledge in Entity Framew
Today I am going to write about a storage method which is available in HTML5 as well is in Windows Store Apps which is “IndexedDB”. IndexedDB is an API for client-side storage where significant amounts of structured data can
be stored. Since IndexedDB is based on indexes
This Article focuses on  how we can implement a WCF Data Service with Entity Framework Provider.

I have created an empty ASP.NET web application. Now let’s start by adding an ADO.NET Entity Data Model to the project.

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