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This is a very simple example of how we can use SignalR, based on the microsoft virtual academy cource "Building apps with ASP.NET 4.5",  , it can be used like a gide to build a more complex web app. This solution requires NuGet packages to be downloaded. Visual Studio will down
DescriptionTo run a method in c # from javascript code we are going touse the function provided by ASP.NET: __ doPostBack ().This function takes two arguments:1) EventTarget2) eventArgument1) EventTarget: contains the identifier of the control that makes the postback2) eventArgum
In this tutorial we will see how to send data by POST method in C#, in this case we will create an application that reads an XML file and send it to the page recive.aspx by POST method. Then what we get by this method we keep it in the Application object, then you can print...

This is an example of search binary tree.


This is a console application example of search binary tree in c#.

this is the source code:
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