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Real time information processing is not anymore a burden with recently introduced Web Sockets in HTML 5. Dashboards, Games and many more...
AngularJS has been there for a while and has provide much promising facts to the sheet as will play a major role in furture. This sample includes a presentation I did at the Sri Lanka .NET Forum Monthly Meeting - September.
There are many easy to use Windows Phone tasks that are provided with Microsoft.Phone.Tasks assembly. Some rich interactive actions such as sending emails, SMS, Sharing in social media can be done really easily with these in-built tasks.
Facebook, Twitter and almost all pathbreaking apps have interactions with remote servers. They are not just standalone Windows Phone Apps. Windows Communication Foundation is the most safest service platform ever provided by Microsoft. Although there are many alternatives such as
You can create amazing puzzle games using basic C#.NET algorithms. Also these apps have a wide market to the developers. The most important advantage is that users do not need to be in the game for many minutes. A level can be completed in less than
2 minutes. It attracts the u
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