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The sample demonstrates sending XML messages with different schemas to a BizTalk bridge endpoint deployed using BizTalk Services. The bridge processes the message & routes it to more than one Service Bus Relay Services; relay service response is routed back to the bridge/client.
This sample provides instructions on how create an Azure BizTalk Services solution that receives a message from an FTP server, processes it  through a bridge deployed on Azure, and then inserts the message into an  on-premises SQL Server database.
BizTalk Server 2013 introduces some new adapters that make a lot of hybrid scenarios, involving on-premise and Azure technologies now possible. In this tutorial, we see how to integrate a purely cloud entity like Salesforce integrate with an on-premises
BizTalk Server using som
This tutorial demonstrates how JSON messages are processed using BizTalk Server. The tutorial uses custom pipeline components that convert the JSON message to XML (and back) while messages are processed by a BizTalk Server orchestration.
This sample demonstrates how to consume ReSTful services from BizTalk Server 2010.
Use the SupplierAppConsole to represent a partner supplier application (such as FourthCoffee in the tutorial) to accept/reject orders received from the customer. The applicaiton also generates the invoice and sends it back to the partner on the EDI receive bridge endpoint.
This sample uses the Trading Partner Management OM API from a Web interface to enable BizTalk Service users to onboard their business partners to the BizTalk Services Portal.
A sample demonstrating how to integrate Windows Azure BizTalk Services with an on-premises SAP Server.
NOTE: This sample is part of an uber tutorial and is best used in that context. For more information on the tutorial, see the CloudCar Windows 8 app to look for service partners, select services, and then order for those.
Use the BlobPollerRole project to set up the Azure worker role. The worker role polls an Azure blob, reads the message from the blob, and routes it to an EDI send bridge deployed under a BizTalk Services subscription.
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