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This is the first Universal Windows sample app for the Microsoft Band targetting VS2015.The Microsoft Band SDK comes with a sample app for VS2013.VS2015, Windows 10 and the Windows 10 SDK have been released so this is to start you going with the latest development tools and the U
The problem addressed here is that developers want to control the colors of UI elements to enhance the user experience. LightSwitch allows switching themes but does not expose properties and methods for more granular control of colors. This sample shows how.
Helps the user get started with Visual Studio Lightswitch and the Free Community Edition of the Xpert360 Lightning Data Extension for Dynamics CRM online and On-Premise. The Lightning Series Adapter for Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise, for Visual Studio Lightswitch allows
The main problem addressed here is finding a way to reset the datagrid sort column once the end-users have clicked on a datagrid column. This is especially important when the original sort order is customized and not available by simple sorting of a single column. The sample also
This sample is for experimentation purposes. It solves the problem of the LightSwitch V3 designer only allowing a maximum of two clients to be added to a project: 1 x SilverLight, 1 x HTML. The LightSwitch V3 designer does work with multiple
HTML clients in one project.
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Application Guidance for Windows Phone 7
Fuel Tracker provides guidance for building a Windows Phone 7.1 sample application end-to-end. It includes a complete running sample, guidance on core concepts for getting started with Windows Phone, and callouts for best practices and requirements.
David Catuhe
This sample shows a full 3D realtime engine with some advanced features and an integrated collisions system.Live sample : Support for Silverlight 5 (RTM)
Update: Integration of the Silverlight 5 Toolkit:
John Papa
This application was presented by John Papa during the MIX11 Day 2 keynote to demonstrate the new features in Silverlight 5 including 3D, RelativeSource Ancestor, Data Binding Debugging, Implicit DataTemplates, & Binding in Style Setters.
LightSwitch Team - Microsoft
This walkthrough demonstrates the end-to-end process of creating an application in Visual Studio LightSwitch. You will use many of the features of LightSwitch to create an application for a fictional vision clinic for scheduling appointments and creating invoices.
LightSwitch Team
Course Manager is a Visual Studio LightSwitch sample project. It is a complete line-of-business (LOB) application designed to demonstrate many out-of-box features in LightSwitch.
LightSwitch Team
Filter Control is Visual Studio LightSwitch Extension.  This extension will allow users of LightSwitch applications to define custom filters for data that is displayed in a screen.
LightSwitch Team
This is an extension designed for Visual Studio LightSwitch.  The extension will add the ability to display a list of checkboxes or a tree of checkboxes to represent a many-to-many relationship.Getting StartedTo install and use the extension in your LightSwitch applications, unzi
Aaron Oneal
This sample for Silverilght 5 uses the new 3D features to draw the Earth with day and night transitions, atmosphere layers, and population density overlays. It demonstrates advanced concepts like mipmaps, texture blending, multiple drawing passes, sampler states...
LightSwitch Team
This sample demonstrates how to create a screen template extension for LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012.LightSwitch includes templates that can be used to create screens that have common patterns. You can also develop templates that you can use with a specific data source, or wi
LightSwitch Team
This sample demonstrates how to create a shell extension for LightSwitch. The shell for a Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch application enables users to interact with the application. It manifests the navigable items, running
screens, associated commands, current user information,
Silverlight Developer Content Team

This sample constructs a 3D cube using Silverlight, applies a texture to it, and wires up standard Silverlight UI elements to control the pitch, yaw, and roll of the cube in real-time.
If updating the shader (*.hlsl) code, run CompileShaders.bat (with DirectX SDK installed) to
Silverlight Developer Content Team
Contains an importable DLL named Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Math.dll that implements the math based functionality in the Microsoft.Xna.Framework namespace, allowing Silverlight developers the ability to use this functionality when creating 3D applications. (Note: The Silverlight ver
Silverlight Developer Content Team
This sample demonstrates how to create and automatically rotate a 3D cube whose surfaces are solid colors using Silverlight 5 beta.If you update the shader files in this sample, run the CompileShaders.bat file (with DirectX SDK installed) to recompile the shader files and see the